Why Now is The Best Time to Launch Your Blog

Why The Best Time to Launch Your Blog is Now

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Let’s consider what’s stopping you from pressing the button to launch your blog right now. You’re too nervous? Your blog doesn’t look exactly how you want it too?

I get it. It can be daunting launching your blog. But at some point or another, the time to launch your blog has to be now. Why? Well for two reasons mainly.

  1. The perfect blog does not exist. That’s right. The perfect blog does not exist. Even professionals and experts are constantly updating their websites and blogs to keep up to date with the latest trends in the blogosphere and SEO worlds. If we all waited to have the perfect blog before launching, there’d be very few blogs and websites on the internet.
  2. If you’ve paid for hosting, and possibly other features, you’re kind of wasting your time by not launching your blog and getting the most out of these features. Think about it. What’s the point in paying for a stunning theme which no one but you is seeing? And what’s the point in paying for hosting features which no one can take advantage of?
Why Now is The Best Time to Launch Your Blog

Your home page doesn’t look like you want it too

This really isn’t a biggie. Most people will not land on your home page anyway. Think about it. When you advertise your blog posts, you’re advertising individual posts and pages, not your home page.

Yes, your home page is important. But if you don’t have it 100% looking how you want it to, there’s nothing wrong with launching your blog and continue to work on your home page as you go.

A beautiful homepage is a great aspect of your site to strive towards. But remember that a lot of people won’t be landing on your home page. Therefore, you can amend your homepage as you build your blog.

You don’t have very many blog posts

That’s fine, you don’t need mountains of blog posts to launch your blog! You just need a few to give your readers something to read and keep them on your site slightly longer than one article might.

I launched this blog with only 5 blog posts. That’s right, only 5 blog posts! I strategised before I published and made sure that they could link up with each other. That way, when I launched my blog, I could link each post to at least one other post to try and give my new readers something else to read and to encourage them to stay on my site a little longer.

You’re too nervous to launch your blog

I get it. What will other people say? But if you’ve come this far as to get a hosting provider, creating a blog, and researching your blog niche, you might as well launch your blog!

There are countless forums on social media (particularly Facebook) which are full on encouragement and support for when you do launch your blog. Reach out and use these communities. Ask for feedback on your writing style/blog post layouts. You’ll learn much quicker and produce the blog of your dreams faster this way.

You haven’t figured out what you want to write about

Ok, I’ll admit that this is a slightly bigger problem than the rest. There are planning stages that need to be in place before you launch your blog, one of which is deciding what you want to write about and choosing your niche. If you’re still a little lost on what to write about, check out my 50 Blog Ideas for New Bloggers.

Hitting the ‘Publish’ button on your new blog can feel like a daunting task. But sometimes, the best time to do the things we’re most worried about it now.

You don’t think your writing is good enough

Writing is both a craft and an art which needs to be practised, practised, and then practised some more.

If you’re really nervous about your writing abilities, I would highly recommend using a programme such as Grammarly.

Grammarly takes the hard work out of writing, leaving you to do what you do best: get your ideas onto the page. Grammarly has both free and paid-for packages, both of which can be installed as internet browser extensions and on your desktop.

This is great, as you’ll never be without the help and assistance of spelling and grammar checking again. And trust me, Grammarly is far superior to bog-standard spelling and grammar checkers which come with word processors. Plus, the internet browser extension means that you don’t have to second guess yourself when you are writing directly on the internet, such as on WordPress of your emails!

Check out Grammarly for free today by clicking on the banner below:


You’re concerned about money

This is probably one of the biggest concerns that people have about launching a blog. What if they lose money? Or their blog turns out to be a waste of money?

Let’s look at it another way. When you go into a clothes shop and see a new top that you like, do you consider if you’ll ever wear it? Or if it goes with other items of clothing you have? If you’re anything like me, you’ll buy the top because you like it and worry about everything else later.

Blogging is very much the same. You can set up your blog for under $50 for a whole year. I do understand that for a lot of people, a spare $50 is a big ask, but if you’d be willing to spend $50 frivolously on something else, why not put it into your new blogging venture instead?

Things you HAVE to do before you launch your blog

Before you do hit ‘Publish’ on your blog, there are a few things that you do need to consider and have in place first.

Have your policies in place

You could run into so many problems, including potential legal issues if you don’t have your policies in place before launching your blog. The may not be the most fun, but as an absolute minimum, make sure that you have your Privacy Policy in place before you launch your blog.

Need help? Check out my guide to writing your Privacy Policy to get started.

Have privacy settings in place

In addition to your Privacy Policy, if you are collecting data about anyone in any size, shape or form, you need to make sure that you have the correct privacy settings in place.

You might think that you aren’t collecting any data yet, particularly if you still haven’t set up your mailing list. However, whenever people access your website, you will be collecting data about their location, IP address, and anything else which your site’s cookie settings are set to use.

Make sure that you have some sort of cookie consent in place. This can be done using a simple plugin, and then configuring the settings depending on your location and cookies being used.

There are a few options available for plugins for cookie notices, a few of the most popular being:

I do fully appreciate that everyone hates those little boxes which pop up asking us for permissions about cookie use. But they are a necessary evil in order to keep your blog legally compliant.


I really hope you’ve found this post useful, and that it’s given you the confidence to just go for it and launch your blog.

Are you still considering launching your blog? What’s holding you back? Let me know in the comments below!

This post was proofread using Grammarly.

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  1. Love this! There are so many reasons people don’t publish their blog even though it is good (just maybe not perfect). Get going on it! There are always changes to make and improvements you will learn. A blog is not meant to be a static thing, it is growing and changing all the time. Great post!

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