How many blog posts do I need before launching my blog?

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So, you’re about to launch your blog. Amazing!

The problem is that you don’t know how many top quality blog posts you should have live on your site before you launch.

Let’s cut to the chase. If you’re after the short answer, it’s that you can start your blog with as many or as few blog posts as you would like.

However, my recommendation is to start your blog launch with at least 3-5 posts.

How many blog posts do I need before launching my blog

Launching your blog with 3-5 posts

The truth is, when it comes to launching your blog, the amount of posts which you have ready to go is completely up to you. However, a general rule of thumb is to launch your blog with at least 3-5 blog posts.


Because this strategy means that you will have a few different posts for readers to look at when they visited your blog.

Afterall, the last thing you want is to spend hours on a perfectly crafted blog post only for your reader to click off your site as soon as they’ve read your post. Ideally, you want your reader to stay on your site as long as possible, clicking on different links and accessing more information from you. Such behaviours improve your bounce rate.

What is a bounce rate?

Your bounce rate is defined by the percentage of visitors who visit a web page but then leave it without doing anything else, i.e. following another link on your site.

Google pays attention to this number.

You might get a lot of clicks to your site, but if people click off quickly then Google will notice this and won’t rank your page as well.

This again promotes the need for good quality content over poor quality content. In blogging, your posts need to be about helping people find answers, not just pumping out as many posts per week as possible to merely fill a quota.

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Internal links

One of the main reasons for launching your blog with multiple posts is so as you have instant internal links.

Therefore, I would recommend your first few posts all following a similar theme so as they can internally link to each other.

Not all of your posts need to link to every other post. But making sure each post on your launch links to at least one other makes it easier to keep readers on your site.

Having posts which related to each other meant that I could utilise internal links. This meant that readers could easily get from one post to the next. Also, by having internal links, Google can start understanding how your site links together from the get-go.


External links

It may seem counterintuitive to have external links in your blog posts. After all, you want people to stay on your website, not send them away.

However, external links serve a couple of purposes:

  1. They explain to Google how your site fits within your niche
  2. You’re giving your reader sources to credible information which you have used for your own post
  3. Affiliate marketing links can help generate an income for you from your blog. Just remember to list affiliate links as ‘no follow’ links to prevent search engines from crawling these links.

How many blog posts should I post per week?

This is a difficult question to answer and depends on many things including:

  • Your niche
  • How much time you have to dedicate to writing posts
  • How many posts you want to write per week

Many bloggers aim for 1-2 blog posts per week once their site is up and running.

Some people aim for more. However, you need to be realistic with your own time.

If you don’t have a whole team of writers with you, you can’t necessarily expect to write and publish daily blog posts which are of a high quality.

Therefore, you might want to experiment with a blog posting schedule to see what you can realistically achieve when it comes to writing and publishing blog posts.

Currently, I publish 1 blog post per week. These are written and scheduled ahead of time. I’m aiming to take this up to 2 blog posts per week. But that decision was only made after a few months of blogging and after I’d got myself into a good rhythm of my own blogging process.

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