How do I schedule a blog post on WordPress? Save your time with this easy guide!

How do I schedule a blog post on WordPress?

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Why schedule blog posts?

Once you’ve learnt how to schedule a blog post on WordPress, you’ll realise what a game changer this feature is for blogging. You can say goodbye to the days of needing to be by your laptop when you want your post to be published. Instead can pre-set when you want a post to go out into the world.

How do I schedule a blog post on WordPress?

Yes, there are plugins which exist to help you schedule your post. But why install excess plugins when WordPress already has a perfectly good post scheduler built into it? Plugins look flashy, and we are often sold on their promises, images and catchy titles. But beware of installing excessive plugins, or plugins you simply don’t need. Plugins can slow down your website, so I would advise you only installing plugins which you need, and ones which provide features which WordPress itself does not.

Scheduling a blog post is a great option for many reasons: perhaps you’re writing a post which you don’t want to come out just yet because you’re writing a series and this post doesn’t fit with that theme. Perhaps you’re off on holiday abs you want your blog to work for you whilst you’re away. Whatever your reason, follow this handy tutorial to learn how to schedule your posts days, weeks, or even months ahead of time!

Step 1

Create and write the blog post which you would like to schedule.

Once you are happy that you have completed your post and it is optimised for SEO, click ‘Publish’ in the top right hand corner of your blog post screen.

Step 2

A menu will appear on the right of your screen. Click on ‘Publish: Immediately.’

Step 3

A calendar will appear below where you just clicked. Use the calendar to navigate to the date you would like your post to be published on. You can use the arrows either side of the current month and year to switch between months and years.

Click on the date when you would like to have your blog post published. Then, enter the time you’d like your post published. Make sure to toggle between AM and PM, depending on the time of day that you’d like your post to be published. Unless you change it, your post will be published using the time zone set in your settings. This time zone is shown after the AM/PM toggle in this window.

Step 4

Once you have selected your desired date and time for your blog post to be published, scroll to the top of the menu and click ‘Schedule.’

And that’s it! You’re done! A message will pop up in your menu telling you when your post is scheduled for and giving you the post’s permalink for posting on social media!

How do I schedule a blog post on WordPress?

What if I need to change something in my post and I’ve already scheduled it?

This isn’t a problem at all! Go back into your post and either directly edit whatever you need, or click ‘Switch to draft’ at the top before editing. Then click ‘Schedule’ at the top of the page again. Your post will save automatically and schedule the updated post!

What if I change my mind and need to re-schedule my post?

If you have decided to re-schedule your post for a different date/time, simply go back into your post and click ‘Schedule’ at the top. Next to ‘Publish,’ click on the date and time when the post is already scheduled for.

Select the new date and time for when you would like your post to be published (as in step 3).

Click ‘Schedule’ at the top and your new scheduled date will overwrite the previous one.

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