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About Me

Hi! I’m Verity! Let me tell you more about Begin with WP.

I am a self-confessed obsessive with web-design and development. I have been designing websites since Microsoft FrontPage was a thing back in the early 2000’s. My first website being a teen gossip column which featured an Agony Aunt page which I enlisted one of my best friends to write answers to made up problems.

My web building skills have come along way since then, and I have developed many sites using a variety of web platforms including WordPress, Wix, and LearnWorlds. WordPress is by far my favourite web-building platform, and with so many people posting questions daily on how to use WordPress, I decided to start Begin With WP as a side project to share my knowledge of the platform.

In addition to starting a WordPress website, there are a tonne of bloggers who are looking at launching their online course. This is a great way to monetise your blog. However, a lot of people don’t know where to start.

Having worked in Further and Higher Education for many years, and having written and launched online courses and learning platforms, the other half of this blog helps bloggers realise and launch their first online course, and beyond.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have any formal training in WordPress/IT?

100% no! I do have a GCSE in ICT, but seeing as this is over 15 years old and a lot of the programmes used for my coursework don’t exist in those formats anymore, I will happily say that I do not have any formal training in WordPress/IT. What I know about web building and design is completely self-taught.

2. So, what do you do as a day job?

Blogging about WordPress and web building is not my full-time job. By day, I head up an education and training department which specialises in healthcare training and education. I teach Further Education and mandatory training skills for healthcare staff.

3. What do you like about web design and web building?

I personally think it’s a lot of fun! Following trends in the internet world is very interesting. Also, a lot of web design and website building is based on psychology, which I find fascinating. Yes, you read that correctly, a lot of web design and website building has its foundations built in simple psychology. Who’d have thought it?

4. What are your top tips for starting a blog or website?

Honestly? Have fun with it! Starting a blog or website is a fun and creative process, and it doesn’t involve sitting in front of a screen. I spent a lot of time walking and thinking about how my website can be developed and have endless notes in notebooks to help me as I go!

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