50 Blog Ideas for New Bloggers

50 Blog Ideas for New Bloggers

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Woohoo! You’ve decided that you want to get into the world of blogging and create a blog! Good for you! The only problem is; you aren’t sure what to blog about and need blog ideas.

50 Blog Ideas for New Bloggers

I get it; every new blogger has been there. It can be hard to choose just one thing to blog about. In fact, it’s clearly a dilemma for a lot of people as there are over 5,430,000,000 search results for the search term ‘What Shall I Blog About?’ on Google.

50 Blog Ideas for New Bloggers
That’s a lot of ideas buzzing around the web!

So, below are 50 top ideas for topics which you could blog about. Enjoy!

Blog ideas

  1. Setting up a blog
  2. How to gain a social media following on Instagram
  3. How to gain a social media following on Twitter
  4. Knitting
  5. Cooking
  6. Baking
  7. Cleaning
  8. Playing an instrument
  9. Reading music
  10. Learning a language
  11. Using software, i.e. Canva, WordPress
  12. How to create videos for YouTube
  13. Photography
  14. How to use Pinterest
  15. Videography
  16. Growing your blog
  17. SEO
  18. Facebook Groups/Pages for a blog
  19. Gardening
  20. Creative writing
  21. Essay writing
  22. Student tips and lifestyle
  23. Lifestyle blog
  24. Making something (i.e. photo frames)
  25. The place where you live
  26. Pottery
  27. Sewing
  28. Cross-stiching
  29. Indoor planting
  30. Using herbs in cooking
  31. Painting
  32. Cooking with kids
  33. Crafting with kids
  34. Drawing
  35. Playing board games (i.e. chess, backgammon, draughts)
  36. Candle making
  37. Flower arranging
  38. Uses of essential oils
  39. Bullet journals
  40. Organising techniques
  41. Make up tutorials/reviews
  42. Budgeting
  43. Upcycling furniture
  44. Upcycling clothes
  45. Making clothes
  46. Pet care
  47. Cake decorating
  48. Online gaming
  49. Model painting
  50. Book reviews

What if I have more than one topic that I want to blog about?

If you have more than one topic that you want to blog about, I would suggest looking at potentially having more than one blog. That, or create your own niche by combining two loves (Hairy Bikers spring to mind anyone?).

Generally speaking, though, when it comes to blogging, it tends to be best to have a topic theme for your blog. But then again, it is your blog! Experiment and do what feels right for you!

How do I narrow down my blog topic idea?

Essentially known in the blogging world as ‘finding your niche,’ narrowing down your idea helps you find an audience. For example, rather than just creating a blog about crocheting, your niche could be anyone of the following:

  • Introduction to crocheting
  • Crocheting for millennials
  • Advanced crocheting techniques

Of course, these are just ideas, but you want to get a bit more narrowed in your idea than simply a crocheting blog in order to approach and hold your audience.

Take a look at this blog for example. Whilst it has categories of ‘Basics of Blogging,’ ‘SEO,’ ‘Legalities of Blogging,’ and ‘Monetisation,’ the overall idea is building a blog with WordPress. However, my niche is those who are just starting out with WordPress and need basic how-to guides and tutorials to build their site and start expanding on it. The more advanced stuff is another niche which I’m not delving into on this blog. Equally, each of these categories are just oversights and introductions to the topics. For more in-depth information into SEO (for example), I’ll leave people to access sites such as Neil Patel for the more advanced and technical stuff.

Remember, choose something you’re passionate about

Whatever you do end up blogging about, make sure that you have a passion and an interest in the topic. Also, make sure that it is a topic that you have plenty to write about. There’s no point starting of a blog with two great posts and then completely losing momentum because you’ve run out of ideas.

When you’ve considered a blogging topic, write down a list of potential posts that you could write for your blog. Run out of ideas after 10 posts? You might want to think of another topic for your blog. As a guide, when I started this blog, I made a list of 26 post ideas before I even started. I knew that I wanted to blog once a week, and so before I even started, I already had 6 months worth of content ideas. I’m not saying that you need that many ideas, but you do need to have a few to know that your blog idea is viable.

Good luck choosing your blog idea for your new blog! Let me know in the comments below what your new blog is about, or what blogging ideas you’re currently working on!

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